Should I buy Travel Insurance? What is that for?

We often listen to our travel agent say: "Would you like to add travel insurance?" And quickly and without thinking we answer: "No". I do not need it. I already have "life" insurance. Wait! What do you say? We are talking about Travel Insurance here. And what if ... you are run over by a stampede of elephants at 3:00 AM on the main street in your city and you can not make that wonderful 22-day trip to Europe and that you have been planning with 8 months in advance and have you used all your savings? Ok, I think that the elephant stampede is a bit exaggerated, but what we will mention below are real situations:

Medical. If you have ever come down with a bad stomach bug and got frustrated locating a gastroenterologist in your hometown, just imagine that search in the jungles of Cambodia. Medical travel insurance can help provide coverage to limit out-of-pocket costs.

Evacuation. If you're abroad and must deal with a natural disaster or political unrest, getting to a safe place in a strange land is a harrowing experience. It can also be incredibly expensive. Travel insurance can help cover the cost of getting out of harm's way.

Cancellation. More painful than suffering a last-minute injury that ruins your trip can be the realization that you can't get back the big bucks you paid for travel arrangements or a tour. This kind of travel insurance also covers cancellations due to other problems, including if your tour provider goes bankrupt or an airline delay causes you to miss your event.

Baggage. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than lost, damaged or stolen luggage. But at least being covered will provide some reimbursement for that new bathing suit you're forced to buy upon arrival.

Death and dismemberment. Similar to typical life insurance, this option provides your heirs with a payout should you die during your trip.

Do you need more specific details?

  1. It’s 11PM. You’ve just landed at the airport to catch your connect home. You are very tired and what you want is to get to your soft bed. But now, you just found out your flight has been cancelled. This isn’t fun. So, who will find you a flight home? It's good that you have travel insurance!

  2. You’ve lost your bag. And your bag had your meds. So you need to find your bag ASAP. Who can help you find that bag or refill your emergency prescription? It's good that you have travel insurance!

  3. Ah, Europe. You’ve waited to take in all the grandeur new and old. But someone not very nice just stole your passport and wallet. Yikes! You need emergency cash. You need a new passport. You need someone who can get things done fast. Who is that someone? It's good that you have travel insurance!

  4. Uh oh. You’re in an accident and the medical treatment you need is not happening way out there. That means a medical evacuation. Are you going to coordinate all of that alone after you’ve been in an accident? It's good that you have travel insurance!

  5. Your extended family has been planning the annual reunion for months. But hours before you take off, your sister-in-law gets too sick to go. So everyone decides to cancel. What happens to your non-refundable deposits or pre-payments? Who can help with reimbursement? It's good that you have travel insurance!

  6. You arrive in Jamaica, but your luggage is lost. Who will find it? Who will pay for your travel necessities until you are reunited with your beloved bag? And if it is gone for good (we’re sorry), who will cover all the stuff you just lost? It's good that you have travel insurance!

  7. The trip sounded amazing, so you booked it. But then your cruise line, airline or tour operator goes bankrupt. Yes, it happens. So what about the non-refundable expenses? And who can get you to your destination now? It's good that you have travel insurance!

  8. You're walking down a historic old street in Rio. It’s amazing. Then suddenly, ouch, you twist your ankle big time. You need a doctor, but not just any doctor. One who preferably understands English. Okay, how will you find this doctor in a city of 6.5 million people? It's good that you have travel insurance!

  9. A reality is that terror can strike anywhere. Three weeks before your trip, an incident occurs where you are headed. Maybe you still go. Or maybe you decide to cancel your trip. If you do, who is going to get your money back? It's good that you have travel insurance!

  10. Sun. Sand. Water. There’s nothing like the serenity of a beach resort. Unless a hurricane blows through and spoils the fun. Now, you can’t stay in the resort and need to be evacuated out. Who gets you out? Who reimburses you for the lost beach days?​ It's good that you have travel insurance!

The good news is that Kevin's Travel Agency offers a variety of travel insurance options, from which you can choose.

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We have plans. Lots of them. Why? So you can easily find the one that fits. And with our plans, it’s not just about coverage. It’s about unique services. Lost your bag? We can help track it with Bag Trak®. Or we can cover your losses if it isn’t found. It’s simple. We have the coverage options and assistance services you want for your globetrotting travels. Get Travel Insurance the way you want it. Get a Quote Today!

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