The most costly phrase: "But it's just one letter off..."

Airline ticket name corrections can be frustrating and costly. If you’ve ever had to change a “Katie” to a “Catie” or a “Brian” to a “Bryan,” you know what we’re talking about.

It is vital that the name of the reservation is an EXACT match to the name that is written on the passport. If it is not your client could...

experience a significant delay at the airport

be forced to pay hefty fees for the change

be denied boarding altogether

All because their name was spelled wrong.

The 24 Hour Rule*

The first step is to slow down and make sure YOU are doing your part to ensure a quality booking process for your client.

If the name correction is caught within the 24-hour void/reissue period, there is no change/cancel penalty, and the likelihood of getting the same fare increases–possibly avoiding fees altogether!

After the first 24 hours, your ticket must be canceled and rebooked with the correct names. This means you'll have different air rates, possibly different itineraries, and of course the cancellation/change penalties.

Avoid the headache! One letter misspelled may seem minor, but the effort, cost, and process time involved to correct ‘just one letter’ are the same as it is for any other name correction.

*Subject to airline policy

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